Prices that reflect the quality!

 So how much would a general supply teacher cost for 1 day or even 1 week?  With the Pink Aardvark you are being provided MORE than just a general teacher!  You are being provided with a skilled, enthusiastic, motivated, industrially trained designer & teacher with 25 years experience specifically in Art & Design! 

For further information regarding availability or project costs, please contact me via my website, or at  or on my Facebook Pink Aardvark Arts.



  • Improve creativity in the classroom.
  • Using and creating sketchbooks.
  • Well being days.
  • Inspirational school displays.


 If you are interested in a short term contract to cover PPA time or similar, (employing me as a regular teacher),then a normal teaching contract would need to apply with accordance to the authorities guidelines.  References can be provided if required.

*Current availability for the academic year 2019 - 2020

Some Mondays &Tuesdays still available Spring term 2 / Summer term 2         

    **Fully booked Wednesdays /Thursdays/ Fridays